POP IT is a special project of holiday gifts for a small company that wanted a funny way to hand out special selection from Medvedgrad brewery. The bottles were wrapped in bubblewrap with a special note, inviting everyone to let off extra stress by popping the wrap before getting the beer. We heard it was extra fun!

TEUTA staff t-shirts


Custom designed t-shirts for a local hair stylist and owner of Teuta salon. The girls (and boy) have a cotton white t-shirt with a velvet-pressed logo to match their jeans and comfy sneakers. A casual classic!

Lana and Love

This custom-designed display is made in two sets (white or black base). Each set has three parts, making it easy to either from a larger display for the entire collection; or divide it into smaller pieces to present specific items. Both have brass details and everything is handmade. Custom design for Lana and Love.



We joined forces on this photoshoot to present trade’s latest collection, consisting of amazing forms and materials for the f/w collection.

&tradition feat. tradate


For this collaboration I formed a concept of joining fashion with interior, to present both brands (&tradition and tradate) and their lates collections.

Beck’s Chain Reaction


Beck’s Chain reaction : collaboration with Sentimental Bikes. Four artists and designers (OKO, Marko Hrastovec, Lonac and me) were invited to design custom bikes. Mine was a speeder, covered in brown leather with visible red stitching. Photos and video courtesy of Beck’s Chain Reaction team.

GEM feat. HAGA Paris


GEM collection is a collaboration with on of my favourite partners – HAGA Paris. Five different designs to match their amazing jewellery lines and display them as best as possible.

Jiyi ft. Boya porcelain


A wonderful collaboration with Boya porcelain from Belgrade. Our goal was to design unique mugs of different sizes and shapes, while each one having different imprints. The aim of this jiyi collection is presenting porcelain as material and showing what we can do with it. All the mugs have rough bases and glossy insides for texture. Each mug had a hand-painted box to match.