SHROOM side table / newspaper stand


You are sure to be seduced by this cutie, not just on account of its beauty but also its smarts. Shroom is a true 2in1 product, a side table and a newspaper/magazine stand. Its smooth and curved lines will complement any room, especially if placed next to pieces of angular furniture to provide a balancing contrast to the square corners. Just had word from your room, it wants a Shroom!



RUOKA Canapé came about as a custom made product designed for a private customer’s dinner party with friends. It solved the need for a stylish and decorative yet highly functional vehicle for serving canapés. Avoid crowding the table with multiple serving boards, plates or really anything additional whatsoever. Ruoka acts as the extension of the user’s hand and eliminates the need for food picks or any utensils. It simplifies your serving arrangements and impresses with both style and enhanced functionality. The luxurious olive wood, prized for its hardness and durability, provides each set with a unique and stunningly beautiful pattern of its grain.

VOIR jewellery stand / pocket mirror


This gorgeous cone-shaped piece was conceived as a hand mirror, one that would fit the hand perfectly, but also be fit for other purposes when not used as a mirror. Its layers of functions turn it from mirror to jewelry holder to sculptural decoration. It holds your watch, bracelets, and rings neatly stacked waiting for you to put them on and then helps you do up your pretty face. Standing on its own, either vertically or horizontally, it is a beautiful unpretentious little sculpture. As it moves from one use to another it convinces you of its rightful presence in your space.



Hexagon can be what you want it to be, it accommodates your wishes and transforms in accordance with your needs. A handy side table, night stand, plant stand, basically a stand for anything around your home or office that needs support – Hexagon is there to hold it. And while at it, look really elegant and pretty all wrapped in leather. Its iron base comes plastic coated in either black or white. Black bases are paired with cognac-colored leather, and white ones with whiskey-colored leather. Neat or on the rocks?