POP IT is a special project of holiday gifts for a small company that wanted a funny way to hand out special selection from Medvedgrad brewery. The bottles were wrapped in bubblewrap with a special note, inviting everyone to let off extra stress by popping the wrap before getting the beer. We heard it was extra fun!


Ruoka is a canapé set of four pieces that form a circle. For those who love those dinner parties and entertain friends. Available for larger orders upon request.


Hexagon is available in two sizes and two colors (white+brown or all black). The smaller one is perfect as a side table while the large one is more of a tall display.

Treestump hanger

Treestump is a wall hanger that you can put up either vertically or horizontally. Naturally elegant both ways, but if you place it vertically that’s when its superpowers are revealed. You won’t believe just how much clothes you can hang within such limited space and be able to easily find it, too. The length of the cylindrical hangers proportionally increases going up, which allows you to hang coats on top of one another without building up the total volume. Needless to say, it is very practical for narrow hallways. Available for order upon request.


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