Wine label for Istraditional by Trapan. The name makes a full circle around the bottle, making the consumer really feel the texture and print to which we added special details. Co-author: Dario Dević


Various products have been developed for this collaboration: superstate beer, superman notebooks, holiday cards, mugs, shirts and my personal favourite – coffee for a supermom. Co-author: Dario Dević


Branding supermame – both the site and the women who founded it. We developed several products for them, including their iconic t-shirt, a mom journal, props for events etc. Co-author: Dario Dević


Redesign of the main logo and animal illustrations for a local butcher’s shop.

Lucia Luceee

Visuals for a sweet profile sharing her wanderlust, travel experiences and beautiful places around the world.

Lioness beauty salon

Visual identity for a beauty salon in Valbandon. The visual is derived from ancient female sculptures and presented in a linear, clean form. Co-author: Dario Dević